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На форумах с июня 2022
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Russia, Ukraine: Russian soldiers open their minds Why didn't you go back and fight i


The terrible experience of fighting inทางเข้าเล่นสล็อตUkraine has led many Russian soldiers to refuse to return to Ukraine.

"I don't want to go back to [Ukraine] to kill people and get killed myself," said Sergey (pseudonym), the Russian soldier who had been in Ukraine for five weeks.

Now he is back in his native Russia. and is seeking legal advice to avoid being sent back to the frontline. Sergey is understood to be one of hundreds of soldiers seeking advice of this kind.

Sergey told the BBC: He was traumatized by his experience in Ukraine.

“At first I thought we were the Russian army. The best army in the world,” said the young man bitterly. He said Russian soldiers were assigned to duty without basic equipment such as night vision cameras.

“We are like blind kittens. I was shocked about our army. It doesn't cost much to give us the tools. So why didn't you do it?"

Sergey started out as a conscript. (All Russian men aged 18-27 must undergo a year of military training.) Sergey decided to sign a two-year career salary contract.https://www.img.in.th/images/c6bed2affa184914195c5235f6dd4684.jpg

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