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Guide to play Handicap corner bet in football betting

Football betting currently offers a multitude of different types of bets, varying according to the match situation. These football betting types are generally divided into two categories: Main bets and side bets. Main bets include things like over/under bets, handicap bets, or Asian handicap bets… while side bets consist of score bets, yellow cards, red cards… Currently, one of the most prominent side bets is the handicap corner bet, which has almost the same number of participants as the main bets. Let’s see what Wintips has to say about this interesting betting type.

What is a handicap corner bet?
A handicap corner bet, also known as Corners or corner kick bet, is the latest live betting option in football betting. With this type of bet, players won't be concerned about which team wins or loses or the number of goals conceded in that match. The crucial aspect is the number of corner kicks that both teams execute during the match you're betting on. Or other corner-related factors like which team takes the first corner kick or the last one, etc.
Depending on the nature of the game, as well as the characteristics of each football team and tournament, reputable bookmakers will base different corner kick bets on these factors. Moreover, the betting odds will correspond to each type of bet. The corner kick odds will vary between different bookmakers. To win this bet, watch daily betting tips now!

Some common types of handicap corner bets
Similar to other popular football bets offered by leading bookmakers nowadays, handicap corner bets come in various forms and play styles. Here are some commonly encountered bets:
Total corner kick over/under for the entire match
This type of bet considers the outcome for the entire match. Players must also choose to bet on over or under, and this bet will depend on the odds set by the bookmakers for each match.
When placing bets for this handicap corner bet, the under option implies the number of corner kicks executed in the match will be less than the odds set by the bookmaker. Meanwhile, the over option implies that the total corner kicks in the match will be more than the odds set by the bookmaker. Additionally, reputable bookmakers offer players the option to bet on total corner kicks in the first or second half, but this bet is less common.
Full match handicap corner bet
With this bet, each bookmaker will provide different handicap odds for each match. Here, players need to select the team that receives the corner kick handicap. Based on the number of corner kicks in the entire match and the handicap odds, the winning or losing team can be determined.

Corner Kick Handicap 1×2
The way to play this bet is quite simple, similar to the Asian handicap in football betting. With the 1×2 corner kick handicap, players have three choices: Win – Draw – Lose, and the odds vary depending on the chosen bet, offered by different bookmakers.
Odd/Even Corner Kick Handicap
This is a straightforward bet where players place a wager on whether the total number of corner kicks in the match will be odd or even. For instance, if there are 10 corner kicks in the entire match and a player bets on 'even,' they win if it's even and vice versa.
First Corner Kick Handicap
In this type of bet, players predict which team will take the first corner kick in the match.
Last Corner Kick Handicap
This bet requires the bettor to predict which team will take the final corner kick in the match.

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Tips to Win in Corner Kick Handicap Betting
If players aim for a sure win in corner kick handicap betting, here are some helpful tips:
Thoroughly research pre-match information, including:
The number of corner kicks each team has taken in recent matches.
Analyze whether there's a difference in corner kicks between home and away matches.
Understand the capabilities of both teams; stronger teams often receive more corner kicks.
Consider adverse weather conditions, which might lead to more frequent corner kick situations.
Decisiveness in betting rounds:
When betting on the first or last corner kick, decisiveness matters. Corner kicks happen swiftly, and the odds are usually divided between the two teams. If you access soccer tips sites a precise prediction, act promptly.

This article from Wintips aims to clarify what corner kick handicap betting entails and offers effective tips for such betting. For an easier win, visit our website for the latest odds and information to place your bets promptly!

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